Saturday, June 1, 2019

Silicon Valley Bancshares :: essays research papers

Silicon Valley Bancshares (SIVB) NASDAQSilicon Valley Bancshares is helping to fund the high-tech revolution. The Santa Clara, California unwaveringly established parent of Silicon Valley lodge, which essentially serves companies in the high-tech and entertainment industries. This bank provides lines of credit, cash management, factoring, and foreign exchange services through 17 offices throughout California and other high growth areas. The bank specializes in offering startup scratch (in the form of short-term loans, and lines of credit) to nascent Net nabobs time lag for their venture capital to come through. In exchange, startup clients are counted upon to deposit venture funds in Silicon Valley Bank accounts. As a part of its lending, the bank also pursues warrants to buy equity stakes in its clients. Silicon Valley Bancshares key competitors are Bank One, Bank of America, Bank of western Comerica, FleetBoston, Imperial Bancorp, Mitsubishi Trust and Banking U.S., Bancorp, and Wells Fargo. These are some of Silicon Valley Bancshares targeted industries communications, online services, com vagabonders, emerging technologies, life sciences, semiconductors, software, venture capital, entertainment, premium wineries, and real farming. The Silicon Valley Bank brought into existence by Roger Smith in 1983, which provided bank services to tech startups in San Jose. The bank grew along with tech companies, and was a main lender to lake herring Systems. Silicon Valley was introduced to Bostons technology companies in 1990, and was also being used Oregon and Washington. The bank has also expanded to residential and commercial real estate lending. The recession of 1989-1991 found Silicon Valley Bancshares with an overextended loan portfolio, and in 1992 the bank booked a loss due to non-performing loans. In 1993, Silicon Valley Bancshares was put under Federal Supervision.

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