Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Moral values Essay Example for Free

Moral values EssayThis approach to forgivingitarian emergencies has been accepted by newer do-gooder agencies and NGOs, standardised Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). These agencies and NGOs reject the principle of neutr4ality, and instead support the principle of impartiality that allows them to make a judgment on a conflict situation, that is, to speak surface. 5 For instance, MSF claims that it refuses to live for the approval of all parties before acting. It insists on the right to speak out in the face of human rights violations, because it is not sure that speaking out of all time saves lives, but it is certain that silence kills. However, the integration of human rights into improverism would imply that aid is withheld in cases that the conditions for the effective humanitarian action are not in place. 6 This conditionality in aid has some serious consequences. Fox warns the danger of aid conditionality. should NGOs be doing politics? The notion that aid agencies can predict the long-run impact of humanitarian interventions No matter how mush we want to act in a way beneficial in the long, its pretty much an work in ideological vanity. It also begs the question as whether aid workers should be making important policy-making decisions.2) Risks of losing humanitarian space. New humanitarians accept that speaking out carries a risk of losing access to those in need but they insist this is a price worth paying for drawing international attention to human rights abuses. Agencies cannot expect immunity or humanitarian space if the are leaning towards solidarity. Another risk of politicizing humanitarian aid is that aid agencies are seen to have incapacitated their independence from western governments whose aid policies have often had more than to do with promoting national interests than meeting human needs.The human rights approach means the elevation of political rights over basic needs. Many would argue that such suffering may be justified i n the short-term in order to alleviate the long-term suffering of women in Afghan society? The danger of the new developmental relief is that it puts strengthening processes and institutions before saving lives. What always distinguished humanitarian aid from developmental aid was the minimalist goal of saving a life. Using humanitarian aid to promote peace and justice will save more lives in the long term.The logic is that lives lost now can help save lives in the future. People are left to suffer and die in the interests of a long-term political solution. Humanitarian assistance is supposed to help people and protect them from suffering and abuse is missing from developmental aid. It is not attainable to analyze the changing nature of humanitarian aid without at least asking whether new humanitarianism is a new form of colonialism. Those groups that comply with the horse opera version of human rights and conflict resolution will start out aid. Those that reject western values w ill be left to their fate.In this way conditional humanitarian aid is becoming yet another tool available to western governments to control developing countries. Defining a new universal eagerness of moral values. Developmental relief and the new human rights humanitarianism are all based on western moral values which are inevitably posited in opposition to the barbarism of conflicts in developing countries. One principle worth reviving from the list of traditional humanitarian assistance is universalism- the right of everyone to receive humanitarian relief in times of crisis.People dying without food, water, and medicines should receive unconditional humanitarian aid. The human rights approach, developmental aid and the rejection of neutrality amount to the politicization of humanitarian aid. Humanitarian aid cannot be divorced from politics. Warring sides, international agencies and foreign governments can manipulate relief for political ends. But the political manipulation of h umanitarian aid is entirely different to the conscious use of humanitarian aid by agencies to pursue the political ends that is proposed by new humanitarianism.

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