Tuesday, June 18, 2019

American Journal of Health Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

American Journal of Health - Case Study ExampleParticipants with the least levels of confidence were primed(p) on likert- scale as number one while those with the highest were placed on number five in the same scale.The target population of the moot was the low- income, poorly educated samples that were represented as the underserved population. The target group was used to validate the trans-theoretical stages of use behaviors since they were prone to frequent hospitals because of lack of physical exercises.Self- efficacy results indicated that precontemplators and contemplators had the concluding levels of efficacy as compared to the maintenance stage. Social disparities are a key factor eminent in the write up since poor individuals in their initial stages exercise behaviors do not have the confidence and the cipher to sail through the exercise. Individuals in a high socioeconomic status have the zeal and energy to maintain during the exercise.In the future, the study may be used to anticipate behavior change in exercise especially because of its consistency in its findings. The study may be used in the future to compare results to the existing findings.In order to gather reliable information from participants, the examiner may train to offer rewards in terms of money or food to the underserved population, which poses a threat when such rewards are not available. The limitations may be a major(ip) setback to other target groups who misses the expected rewards thereby offering biased information, which eventually ruins the entire trans-theoretical

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