Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A real-life career situation is more meaningful and useful than a Essay

A real-life charge situation is more meaningful and helpful than a hypothetical one - Essay ExampleNonetheless, the of import reason for this memo is to rejuvenate your minds. This comes as an advice, as well as a reminder that, a real-life c areer situation is more meaningful and engageful than a hypothetical one. For any of us to succeed in our professions, it is principal(prenominal) that we in all consider the real life situations, and be ready to face them at a lower place different circumstances in our careers. Today, I therefore, want to motivate all us and remind us of the usefulness of using real life career situations, as opposed to hypothetical ones. As trainees, you are not fully exposed to study career situations, given your little experience in the professional person life. Nonetheless, it is crucial for you all to think about using the real life career situations and draw on them to make important assumptions about various functions in the high society, as wel l as developing your skills, and other capabilities, which the real life career situations will help to build. As young professionals, you are yet to discover major real life career situations, as you are still new in the professional world. However, it is imperative that you be prepared for more important future responsibilities in your career. In future, you will be forced to shroud different real-life career situations, including problems and challenges affecting the company. Therefore, it is better to learn from the various career situations in the company today. Instead of focusing on hypothetical career situations for practice, it is more beneficial to focus on some of the major situations the company faces today, and try to address or come up with possible solutions to these. This will benefit each one of you as an individual, as you will be able to develop hypercritical thinking skills, analytical skills, and problem solving skills, among others. I wish to take you throug h one major example of the way through which you might use a real life career situation in the course of your working in this company, to develop important skills. In this company, there has been a major challenge since the company was established in this country. Being a international company in a foreign country, the aspect of globalization remains the companys major challenge. Therefore, if any of you needs to gain an insight into some of the problems facing multinationals in foreign countries, you may contextualize this company, and learn from it, instead of hypothesizing an imaginary multinational and trying to relate to it. As a graduate trainee in this company, each of you is offered an opportunity to learn and be knowledgeable and be better professionals in the future. You score the chance of a first-hand experience on various aspects in the company. Therefore, these are real situations, which you must learn from. By virtue of being part of this company, you all have a pri vilege of experiencing how globalization can affect a multinational company. Different elements in this company today prove the effect of globalization. First, our employees are from diverse cultural backgrounds. Therefore, these have different values, attitudes, morals, among other cultural perceptions. Therefore, it sometimes was hard to integrate these employees into the organizational culture. The company therefore, experienced vast hitches in its informal communication. How do you think the company finally

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