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A job or profession Essay Example for Free

A devote-on or profession Essay in that respect ar six domains in the content model starting with worker characteristics which talks about the abilities, enduring attributes of the individual that bring performance, in addition the occupational interest, the gustation of work environments and also work values and work styles what is more important to you at work and how exactly you have a go at it and feel more comfortable doing your job. proletarian requirements which involves basic skill and cross-functional skill, basic skills are skill you already should know, and cross- functional are skills you tend to l take a leak from moving from job to job. Knowledge and education are also needed in worker requirements knowledge is what you know of the job and education is any prior knowledge you already had coming in. Experience requirements involves run through and training, licensing and basic and cross- functional skills, which is everything needed for you to get started on the right track with your job, basic and functional skills to help you in your everyday life and also in your work environment, also licensing and training are requirements because jobs need to know that you are legit and know what you are doing.Occupation specific information also involves tools to help with your job and also technology as in machinery equipment, things to book your job a less of a hassle. Workforce characteristics, variables that define and describe the general characteristics of occupations that may lick occupational requirements. Occupational requirements a comprehensive set of variables or detailed elements that describe what various occupations require. There are many careers in career clod but there is one that re anyy interests me which is teaching the reason for this is because teaching has always been a dream of mine simply because I would love to influence a childs life in a good way. For good teachers, teaching is a vocation rather than a job somet hing they pitch refuse. Teaching is a call to service a way to change the world. Theres so much electromotive force in a classroom.Teaching is the profession that shuffles all other professions possible. There are a lot of great reasons to teach and none of them are better than the others. The reasons why you pauperism to teach depend on your personality and beliefs. Some teachers want to make a difference and some the great unwashed love working with children or adolescence and some people want to make a big contribution to society. As long as youre intentions are good and youre non going into teaching for the wrong reasons, you should pursue your passion and rely to get the teacher with all the right reason .You could be that teacher that influence a kid to be anything from a hero to the president of the coupled states because lets be totally honest kids watch up to teachers and you setting a good example could do so much for children .Teachers do more than make a small d ifference, they touch their students lives forever. I want to teach because I want to make a difference in the world. A lot of teachers want to teach because they have the power to do good things for their students. Students do more than learn academic things from teachers, they learn about morals and ethics, they learn about cartel and self-esteem, and they learn what having someone who cares about them is like. I want to teach because students deserve a teacher who really cares about them and wants them to do their best. A lot of people want to teach because of the rewards that come with teaching like pay and vacations.I want to teach because I love working with students and being a break up of their lives. I care about the youth of the world, and I want to help them learn and prosper in any way I can. I also want to teach because I honestly cant regard myself doing anything else with my life than teaching. As reported in yahoo the salary for teachers in Texas can take off on location, experience and whether or not they have a masters degree. In Lubbock, teachers employed by the Lubbock Independent School District in 2011 earn a starting salary of $37,750 if they have a bachelors degree. If they have a masters degree, their salary begins at $39,250. An LISD teacher with 20 years of experience, but plainly a bachelors degree, leave behind earn $48,635 per year, this is how much I could expect to earn.Another job I have always been interested in is being a personal trainer simply because you get to motivate and help people get physically fit. Some reasons may be to help people become healthier or let athletes maximize their performances other reasons may include sharing with others the gift of health or it could be that you just like reprieve around the gym and want to make some money in the process. There is no wrong reason, just as there is no individual right way to train people. I feel the best part about being a personal trainer is having the oppo rtunity to transform not only my clients body, but their mind as well. Being a personal trainer means being there for my client through the good and the bad, answer emails and being on-call if a client has questions from muscle soreness to protein powder. I chose this profession merely on the basis of having a healthy physique, to train people and laud them to be aware of health and not only that but to have a great body too has been something I would love to teach.When you market yourself to potential clients, you subtly make them a promise that youll get them looking and feeling how theyve always dreamed of. Some of them expect you to hand them results, barely making an exertion in the gym, my job is to push them to the limits and make them earn their results. These results are all the right reasons to pick this profession. Salary for a trainer is ranging from 20-100 dollars a hour per person. oneness main job I would love to be is a doctor I just wish I would be smart enough to examine that career. Becoming a doctor is no easy task. Just getting into medical school is a daunting task let alone the come in of studying, time spent in residency and the grueling hours one spends training. I personally have many reasons why I want to become a doctor.Yes my first answer is I want to help people, and yes it is true that you can help people in many ways but I entail a doctor provides the close to direct and critical type of help. I mean how many times have you been in pain and youve gone to see your doctor and after hes treated you, you want to just get up and hug him. The healing power of a doctor is almost godly. I dont find any other profession is more appreciated than a doctor because of that fact. We as humans seek help and relieve from pain and suffering when we are going through such a time and the most critical pain and suffering is physical pain and when that pain is relieved we are most grateful. This is why I would also enjoy being a doctor ther e is no greater gift you can give. Annual salary of a doctor is, depending on the area in the U.S.A. the average yearly salary of a doctor is around $120,000-$160,000.What I have learned from these careers and what u has put into conclusion in my own mind is that no matter what career you are looking for, the annual salary will not make you happy, what will make you happy is how much you will enjoy the job. Enjoying your job is the main part of being happy in life having a job you enjoy waking up to every day will make your life so much less complicated. Which is why I no longer look at the pay of jobs , but end up asking myself would I enjoy this?

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