Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Your choice Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Your choice - Research Paper ExampleThe benefits that accrue to totally the stakeholders of the aim when students wear away nurture uni spirts provide an excellent basis and rationale as to why all students in all schools should wear school uniforms.According to Craik (37) school uniforms have been known to exist long time past even prior to the thirteenth century. For instance, in 1222 Archbishop of Canterbury instructed monks to dress in a conventional monastic form of dress. This was possibly the first standardized case of academic attire. In early 16th century, uniforms were utilized and developed into more explicit as diverse fashion styles became unattractiveto the university. The reasons why school uniforms should be boost are various.One of the reasons why school uniforms should be made a requirement in schools is that school uniforms build a homogeneous environment amongst students, reducing peer pressure and cases of bullying.In a school where students dress uniforml y, unwarranted competition between students over fashion and trend is eliminated, paving way to lessening of peer pressure. In 2013, national association of elementary school principals conducted a survey that revealed that 86% of prudence heads of schools agreed that school uniforms have a positive effect in peer pressure. Instances of bullying and minimize other students were reduced significantly when students wore uniforms as opposed to when they didnt. Another statistical information also revealed that 64% of the schools head admitted that uniforms reduce bullying and discrimination (Brunsma & Rockquemore, 75).Moreover, the other argument that provides the case for school uniforms is that uniforms provide an opportunity for parents to save (Brunsma, 50). Cost-effectiveness comes in whereby parents are only required to purchase the uniforms as specified. They only purchase the vesture a few times a year, depending on how deep their pockets are. On the

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