Thursday, May 16, 2019

Unemployment and Crime in the Society Research Proposal

Unemployment and Crime in the Society - Research marriage proposal ExampleUnemployed persons who engage in criminal activities represent an individual matter that should not be associated with unemployment per se. Unemployed people ar ready and willing to take ferment anytime if it is offered to them. They are ready to work and earn a decent living, but the challenge is the scarcity of job opportunities to absorb all the employment. The point of this study is to examine the relationship between crime and unemployment in the partnership. The investigation will involve the convicts of confused crimes in society in a selected region in U.K. between the 1990 and 2013. The investigation will be conducted using questionnaires, observations, and interviews, and will target about two hundred respondents and gather details regarding the cause of conviction, respondents wrinkle prior to prior to conviction and the duration of imprisonment. The outcome of the investigation will be used t o cave in the extent to which unemployment has contributed to the crimes in the society and the effect of law in deterring crimes in the society. Even though numerous people associate unemployment with criminal activities, the current increase in crime rate in the society is as a result of a failure of the security structures to deal with offenders and redress justice for the victims of crimes.Crimes are vile conducts stipulated by the state in the constitution of the country. The law specifies what is unlawful and the consequences of engaging in the unlawful conducts. There are many arguments that associated increase in the rate of unemployment with increasing rate of crimes in the society. almost researchers have linked poverty and unemployment of the youth to increasing criminal activities, and they argue that if the government does come up with strategies to curb the increasing poverty due to unemployment the society will be chaotic and uncontrollable.

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