Wednesday, May 8, 2019

To answer three questions that were given Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

To answer three questions that were given - Essay Example subsequently clearing high school, I got a good grade, which could have enabled me be admitted to the university however, my fancy since I was curt was to attend a private college since I thought this were the best colleges, which offered the best education. The major problem was that the fees were too high for my parents to afford, I received letters from different colleges, but I knew this was going to be tinder since my parents could non afford. After several sad days of thinking that I will not have sex to go to the college of my choice, my parents broke the great news, as we were taking our supper. They told me that there was a college that was offering packages and they were in a position to bear for me. I could not hide my joy, even though I knew that I could not board like the other students I still appreciated the effort they made to make my dream come true. I face several challenges as a commuter, since I hav e to construct when am not in school In order to help my parents through paying my tuition and buying books.My dream after graduating from college is to attend a law school, I have always admired the work of an attorney and therefore it has been my dream to become one. Moreover, my interest is to specialize in immigration or wretched law, many immigrants fail to seek legal advice since they are not in a position to pay for a counsel and thats why am willing to sacrifice in order I can be in a position to help all the immigrants who will be seeking my legal services.I like sports since it has helped me to be physically fit and to keep myself busy when am not studying moreover, it has helped me to be disciplined and confident, I have always liked swimming since I was little I always hoped that one day I would join a swimming team. As I grew older I managed to join a swimming team, but the first days were very thwart to me since I could not

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