Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fresh Food Compared to Canned Food Essay

Eating is something that we do on a daily basis, which makes the food that we choose to consume an important part of our health and life style. Eating food that is unhealthy for us, as well as consuming to much food can lead to numerous health risks. When we eat, we typically take the easy way out and consume foods that are unhealthy. So, when we are out at the store deciding what food we should purchase think of the benefits you would get from something fresh or something canned. We should all take a minute and consider the flavor, health benefits, and the cost of what we are about to digest. Fresh food is something that seems to have a significant advantage when it comes to flavor. If we are going to choose fresh foods over canned we will be enjoying the foods natural flavor and taste rather than chemically processed foods. Fresh foods contain vitamins as well as antioxidants that are all natural, which gives it the natural flavor. Canned foods do not have as much flavor, most of the time chemicals are added which takes away from the taste and flavor that the food has naturally. Canned foods are more likely to have artificial flavor. Health is another factor to look at when considering what type of food to we should consume. When we choose to eat canned or processed foods we are not receiving all of the healthy and natural nutrients that fresh food gives. Processed foods tend to contain large amounts of sodium, which can contribute to health risks such as high blood pressure. While fresh foods often provide us with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which is what we need to help us function on a daily basis. (See Reference) Money can be a factor when purchasing food which is why cost is the final difference between canned and fresh foods that we should consider. When buying fresh foods especially, if the food is in season, we will see a significant price difference. The price difference between the two is caused by all the processing that a canned food has to go through to be able to last longer on the shelf. Yes, having the ability to go to the store and buy a â€Å"TV dinner† for dinner would be easier than preparing it yourself; however, the cost will probably be higher. Basically, it is our choice in what we want to consume food wise but flavor, health benefits, and cost should be taken into consideration. Fresh food has better taste and is not artificially flavored, if in season may cost less, and can also be healthier for you than canned foods. Anything though is better than choosing the easy way out. Take time and consider everything. References Retrieved from: http://www. livestrong. com/article/260270-nutrition-differences-canned-foods-vs-fresh-produce/.

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