Saturday, September 7, 2019

Jonathon Swift's A Modest Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Jonathon Swift's A Modest Proposal - Essay Example After 9/11 incidents US decided to take the war against terrorism to rouge states. With the help from the allies they bombed Afghanistan. They ended the Taliban era in Afghanistan. Now the allied forces and the US decided to take the war against terrorism in other parts of the world. Due to the past record of Iraq it became target for the allied forces. This war against terrorism helped in reducing the population of the world. The burden on mother earth became somewhat less. During and after the war many soldiers died. Both the allied forces and Iraq lost their soldiers Due to these deaths both the governments doesn't have to spend extra penny for their food, clothes and ammunition. They don't have to give monthly salaries to the dead. Thus they could use the money for other purposes. The allied forces include Australia, England etc. They send their sons and daughters to Iraq to die in the name of war against terrorism. They were willing to sacrifice their beloved ones to maintain a closer and friendly relationship with the US. By invading Iraq the US and the allied forces can get oil and other petroleum products cheaply. They fed their oil hungry industries by slowly making Iraq's only source for development perishable. This is just like taking from the needed and keeping it for themselves. The war on Iraq resulted in political instability in Iraq. ... It would work in favor of US, politically and economically. Iraq's position after the war is just like a blank paper on which the US and the allied forces could write anything i.e. they can mould Iraq's political and economic scenario as they wish. It is the best way of establishing a colonial rule. The ruling government in Iraq though has been declared elected democratically in under the US control. Thus the political decisions could be influenced by the US presence. It would help US in establishing temporary or permanent base for its troops in west Asia to expand their colonial rule.The war on Iraq provided other countries to have their own share for co-operating with US. It helped them to actively participate in different scandals. Scandal like oil-for-food program can easily surface. The war resulted in more employment. People from different countries work in Iraq and are awaiting their death to come which they don't know form which side it will come. Civil war is the result of US invasion of Iraq the civil war helped the Iraqis to become free from their filthy lives by becoming victims to it. Civil war is the best way for robbers, kidnappers and other anti-social elements to flourish their business. Thus they become richer and wealthier in a single night. Mafia gangs could emerge easily and can claim their position. Thus without much help from invading countries mafia can govern the society in Iraq. Children could take commando training at early age. Instead of spreading love they could spread hatred across the society. The war on Iraq helped US and the allied forces economically and politically. The industry that manufactures defense equipment was financially benefited. Due to the immediate requirement

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