Sunday, July 28, 2019

Virtual Workshops Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Virtual Workshops - Essay Example My formal categories were designed to show frequency in the video that highlighted rage and hostility and frequency of video which illustrated sympathy or disturbed reactions to the verdict. The content analysis format allowed me to establish the precise number of times that the news organization opted to illustrate any of these factors. One of my categories dealt with the social status of the trial participants (career, relationship to Saddam, etc.), which achieved no results in trying to determine whether people varying social status held differing opinions about the death sentence. Other than Saddam and the presiding judge, I could make no determination about social status as the media opted not to offer background information regarding the other trial participants. This failure could be remedied in further analyses by formulating categories for research that can be more readily displayed in the chosen data used for observation. In terms of future research, I might suggest that us ing the category of "intensity" might offer further data regarding whether the instances of emphasizing a media agenda are witnessed in terms of how media interactions take place. For instance, facial grimaces or smiles (in this case applying to the Saddam verdict) and their frequency within a form of media might suggest the emphasis being placed on fulfilling a biased media agenda. Virtual Workshop 3: Observation This is a content analysis report based on the observation carried out on people using a public transport.

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